Anita and Raj Kumar Sain Parents of Hridyansh Naroliya LKG-Walnut

It was very important for us to choose a school that could provide the right balance of academics,
sports and extracurricular activities. We were looking out for a school where our kid’s mind
could develop without fear and he can learn in a friendly environment.
Knowledge City truly upholds its motto in preparing our kid for life and has a platform for every
child. We can see that they put tremendous efforts into various aspects of so many activities. The
school has been growing over the years and I am really proud of the way the facilities are being
prepared and expanding.
The way they are conducting school operations are really commendable. Because satisfying
everyone is not possible but they try as best as possible for easy going studies. Till now they
managed to achieve a perfect balance between education and extracurricular activities. Allowing
kids to experiment with and find what they love to do, while at the same time not allowing any
other aspect of education to be compromised is a difficult task and they have make that so easy.

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